Friday, March 29, 2013


Greetings folks, it's me again - ze bridge diva - and today I'd like to compare playing bridge to playing Grand Slam tennis. I've been watching the tennis greats from my couch for years and I gotta tell ya... there are similarities between champions, whatever the sport they play.
    To become the Roger Federer of bridge, you have to put in a lot of practice, for starters. A casual once-a-week session with a mate over a glass of wine isn't going to cut it, okay?
    You cannot roll up for a demitasse of social chitchat and expect to simultaneously notice that your partner has dropped a four of diamonds on your lead, indicating... no indeedy! If you want to do well, you have to concentrate, and that's a skill Federer has polished  to a point of world supremacy. 

"A champion completely wipes the previous loss or win from his or her mind"

      I often emulate Federer as I take to the court - I mean, table - and imagine that the next set - um, hand - is at deuce and the next couple of moves  could determine game, set and match.
      Federer's degree of concentration is ferocious and worthy of emulation by any champion wannabe... like bridge tragic me, for example. I believe you need that sense of implacable calm as you survey the cards in front of you and weight up the "conversation" you are having with your partner across the way.
     That's why I practise mindfulness as I enter the club for a session... repeating my mantra as I climb the stairs to my fate. "I will keep my mouth shout. I will remain calm. I will focus. And I will STAY IN THE ZONE."
My partners laugh at my craziness but hey, it works for me, and it's fun.
    Oh, and by the way, another thing I've noticed about a champion like Federer. When he loses a point, his reaction is typically incredibly low-key.
    The point has been played; it's over; and a new one is about to commence. A champion picks up his racket - or his cards, you decide - and starts all over again, completely wiping the previous loss or win from his or her mind.
    Oh, to be a champion! Methinks it's gonna take time.... >>>

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