Saturday, May 11, 2013


Can I have Omar Sharif, preferably in his Doctor Zhivago days (left), as my bridge partner please?
      So what's brought this on? A lousy afternoon at the bridge club, that's what.  Yep, I know it happens from time to time, but jeez, it's awful when it all goes to muck!
     I can't help but wonder if perchance I'm a tad too competitive for some of my bridge partners? I'm the sort who wants to learn new conventions weekly, and put them in practice, and who does her damnedest not to make the same mistake twice.
Pity my poor partners because I can be ferocious! Oh Omar, where are you when I need you?
    Finding the right bridge partner is not dissimilar to finding the 'ideal' life partner. It can take a lifetime and even then, your partner will make you want to tear out your hair from time to time. I play with three different partners, and each is terrific, but only one wants to WIN even more badly than I do. And he/she knows who he/she is!!!         
     At this stage in my life, I've got the time to be competitive at bridge and to aim for the stars - why the hell not? - so here's hoping my partners and I reap the rewards of our mutual investment, and start playing more consistently at a competitive level...