Thursday, July 18, 2013


Bridge is like life, alright. The more you try to "control" life, the more it will upset you. The same with bridge.
    I thought I could "control" bridge, but I can't. There are too many variables. Your partners. Your compatibility with your various partners. Each partner's mood or level of concentration on the day of play. The different degree of brilliance of your opposition. And so on.
     Control? Phah! You have got to be kidding!
I have also tended to focus overly on the scores, and been known to freak out if I wasn't in the top three. Last week, alas, I hit an all-time low, with a score below 50% two sessions in a row.  But you know, I'm now caring less. Maybe I'll never be a champion. C'est la vie!
    I think bridge brings out a person's true colours. The competitive, like me, cannot hide their competitiveness under a bushel. It blinds everyone, frankly. I've become aware of this, and I'm working with it. I don't always like my competitiveness, but I know that at least I am working on my form, and hence improving. As in life, you can coast along and hope for the best... or you can try and do better. I'm of the latter ilk.
     Some people think bridge is a game for masochists. They are probably right. Like golf, bridge offers incredible highs and lows, much like heroin, I imagine. I'm off to play another tournament this morning, and I'm very much hoping for a fabulous session. Wish me luck... in bridge, nothing is certain and that's what we all love about it!